About Katrina Strand


Katrina has been a huge part of my success as an athlete. Her programs are specific to my sport and customized to suit my body and any lingering injuries that I may have. Most of all, she keeps the workouts fun which is huge when you spend a lot of time training. Having her as my trainer has given me confidence that I will be prepared for my competitive season.
Claire Buchar, Downhill Mountain Biking Canadian National Champion, World Championships Medalist

I really feel that Katrina has contributed both to my love of the sport of mountain biking and to my improved results, she is a very inspiring coach. She is positive, inclusive and makes everyone want to do the best they can!
Conrad, 16 years old

I mightn’t have been clear enough about how superb the mountain biking session was with you. I would happily have fumbled along for years to progress as I did in those three hours. So thank you. I was most impressed. I will send everyone I can your way.

Thank you so much Katrina for your coaching and taking the time to build the love of biking for our kids.  It really means a lot to us.
Sandi, parent

I wanted to thank you for the huge part you played during the Cycling BC Downhill Team workshop this past weekend. Physical training is essential, and with your knowledge and involvement in the biking world, plus your fitness background, this brought to light many questions from the elite athletes, as well as much hand on experience with the development athletes. So thank you personally from myself and Cycling BC. This was much appreciated, and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Mark Bunyan, Cycling BC Downhill Team Head Coach

I just wanted to THANK YOU for all the AWESOME skills and CONFIDENCE that you helped me gain from the mountain bike course!!! My partner and I went up for a couple of runs on Wednesday morning before check out time and he was AMAZED at the difference in my riding. He was so proud of me!!! So thanks again! You’ve changed my life 🙂

Thanks again for pre riding the race course with us, I learned a lot!  It was a privilege riding with you and being able to see you ride.  You have inspired me!
Josh, 14 years old

 Thank you so much for your dedication and expertise that keeps me healthy and fit.  You truly are a trainer ‘extraordinaire’ and I am sooo grateful to you.  I look forward to your visits, not only because you are so personable, but you make the time fly too.

Thanks a lot for the coaching this year, you have helped me improve my riding physically and mentally.
Mike, 13 years old

 The character, skill and personality of Katrina inspires the next generation of cyclists and promotes the sport well beyond simple race results. I can’t say enough great things about her coaching and her support at the youth level, which has made all those involved cyclist’s for life.  It is clear that she loves what she does and that the joy of simply riding a bike has inspired many of them.  Well done!
Brent, parent

I thought you were easily the best coach I have had – regardless of sport.  Super intuitive tips, easy to consume, great follow up.

I just wanted to thank you so much for taking on this clinic for the girls – it’s been HUGELY beneficial for Jen.  She and her brother now go out regularly to bike the trails that you have shown the girls and they come back with huge smiles on their faces!  What a difference this has made for Jen – she’s so enthusiastic about biking now and it’s all because of this course.  I can’t thank you enough!!
Clare, parent

The mentorship that Katrina and her other coaches have brought to my kids and others on the team has been more than just about the bike; it has been inspiring and motivating in their lives.  Katrina cares so much about the kids and their well being and she has built a strong team of athletes and friends out of mutual respect.  Katrina and her world class coaches have developed and trained  kids with minimal skills to expert skills and from expert skills to professional  (both of my kids are now professional racers).  She has built strong bonds, team players, and a love and passion for the sport.  Fantastic job Katrina !!
Alison, mother of Junior Downhill World Champion Finn Iles

You’ve had a huge influence on enhancing my mountain biking skills and fitness – from podium appearances at the high school races to beginning to travel across the world to race and ride my bike.  I’ve been able to improve my biking ability immensely in the past three years working with you and know that it will continue to bring me success!
Spencer, 18 years old

We all had a great time with you and think very highly of your teaching style!  You are an incredible coach both with understanding our skills and that fine line of caution and pushing us.  You helped us through some difficult features and we increased our confidence and abilities with you!